Exploration of the Seven Valleys of Relational Awareness

Sacred Science of the Heart of Matter

Seek the Nectar!

Mar 192014

An introduction to the Path of Beauty

March 29-30 at Temple Byron

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In this gentle introductory dip into collaborative waters we will examine the nature of primary wounding (or cosmic forgetting) and secondary wounding (face to face interpersonal hurting). We will explore secondary wounding as a by-product of primary wounding. So the wellness strategy we employ is to open up a strong pathway to our own self-generated, indigenous, transpersonal estates, charismatic presence and action. The work will be couched in person-centred research (which means we are both the researcher and the subject of the research). This work upholds the radical notion that there is no ultimate spiritual state or enlightenment and that interpersonal spirituality is an open-ended Ocean without Shore.

The Home Base for co-inquiry is: Our co-created spiritual experience Here, Now in This Place – The immediate present experience as Deus Implicitus immersed in divinity at-hand

The grounding tone here is Open awareness (something like: Ramana’s Sahaja Samadhi, the Taoist’s Uncarved Block, Natural Mind or Original Simplicity; the Mirror mind of Dzogchen, Buddhist Bare attention, non-dual awarenss; Samsara in Nirvana etc. ).  It is a quality of Abundant, Seamless, Free, Open, Participatory awareness pervading all things and feelings of empathetic communion with revelation here now in this place. From here we will experiment opening to a series of transcendental and immanent spiritual events through the liberated human imagination in research action cycles (you can’t get it wrong because it is your own native version of these imaginal states).

Transcendent Pole

4) Impressions of the Deus Absconditus – Transcendental spirit Beyond Name and Form (nama & rupa) Light Upon Light

3) Greeting the Eternal Thou /Twin Angel or Holy Spirit

2) Opening to Archetypal powers, presences and principles

1) The Great Reversal or Turning About ( a bit of participatory phenomenological, re-Minding)

Home Base

Everyday Mind) The world as Deus Revelatus: Our co-created spiritual experience Here, Now in This Place

1) Grounding in Time and Space

2) Attuning to the subtle powers of Immanent Nature (chi, kath, !num, etc (but also birds and bees, people etc)

3) Attuning to the Womb and Life Prompt of Immanent Spirit

4) Attuning into the Pregnant Void

Immanent Pole


Once we have journeyed together through these spiritual shores we will give birth to our Charismatic Personhood or Perfect Nature.

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