Exploration of the Seven Valleys of Relational Awareness

Sacred Science of the Heart of Matter

Seek the Nectar!

Sep 282012

Trans-Personal Research for Gestalt Therapists
4 days

In this workshop we will work with a relaxed, re-evaluated and relational model of transpersonal psychology to explore how get support both for ourselves and for our clients from spiritual and subtle sources. The group will explore a provisional map of varied transpersonal events through the power of imagination coupled with semi-structured experiments. A more relational and gestalt cosmos is envisioned in this work with perception as the figure of a dynamic or gnostic ground. The theistic/relational traditions long repressed in transpersonal psychology are also validated along with the monistic holisms from the East. New Age beliefs are also explored for their potential integrative problems. After a two-day initiatory period the group will manifest its own experiments based on emerging collective and individual needs and interests. The Gestalt awareness and Buddhist mindfulness practices, both of which promote reflexivity, a reframing and reflecting mind are central to the practice of relational co-inquiry.