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Sacred Science of the Heart of Matter

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The Way of the Angel

Persian mysticism and the Sufi Path of Love
with Dr G. Lahood

A day of refined encounter and collaborative spiritual inquiry.


Temple Byron, Sunday 6th October, 10 am – 2 pm
$20 entry at door (closed at 10)

This introductory one-day workshop will begin with a visual presentation of a spiritual awakening within the tradition of Sufi Angel mysticism and the relational cosmos the event unveiled.
G will then guide the group into an experience of relational spirituality which may include, an encounter with the ‘Eternal Thou’ (or twin soul), Charismatic presence and Beholding the Divine in everyday life.

Dr Lahood is a direct initiate of the Elijah/Khider (Angel Holy Spirit): the Prophetic muse. He is also a transpersonal psychologist & therapist and pioneer in the field of relational spirituality.

sufi mystics
Elijah and Khider Drinking at the Fountain of Youth

Please email G to book a place (group limited to 20) and for a complimentary copy of his article In the Footsteps of The Prophets: From Black Light to Green Angel with trans-personal Psychological commentary

When that anxious, self-protecting imagination leaves,
The real collaborative work begins.

A hunting party
Sometimes has a greater chance
Of flushing Love and God out into the open
Than a warrior