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Sacred Science of the Heart of Matter

Seek the Nectar!

Sep 282012

Weekly Practice Group
Byron Bay

Conference of the Bees

An opportunity to practice the co-inquiry method and develop charismatic skills in a relaxed, home-based, fun-loving, charisma-making informal inquiry extending throughout the year. The basic function of the group is to find both human and transpersonal ( immanent and transcendental) support for our activities and engagements in everyday life.

There are three basic practices:

  1. Silent open hearted attunement with the environment
  2. Sharing about our embodied engagements with our various worlds
  3. Harmonizing in subtle states by sounding and toning – with percussion instruments.
hosted by G & Jacqueline

Hosted by G & Jacqueline

The group acts as the touchstone for individual forms of take-home, spiritual-activism for making changes in their lives. Losing weight, challenging work situations, love-life, family ruptures, fitness and health, commitment, and decision-making are all grist for the subtle activist’s mill. The group has thus far undertaken several cycles including ‘Detaching with love from authoritarian groups’, ‘ Opening to the Angel of Life’, ‘Living Wise’ and ‘Hallowing the World with Charismatic Honey’. We have found the going out from the group to make changes in our worlds and returning to the group for mutual support shares a resonance with bees leaving the hive to pollinate and gather honey.