Exploration of the Seven Valleys of Relational Awareness

Sacred Science of the Heart of Matter

Seek the Nectar!


Ocean without Shore

A one-day introduction to

Relational Spirituality with Dr Lahood, G

Temple Byron, Sunday 15 September

10.am till 2.pm

$20 entry at door (closed at 10)


Developing a more Relational Spirituality

  • Relational spirituality is the affirmation that we human-divine presences can collaborate together with intention and coordination to co-create modes of communal consciousness and presence hitherto largely unexplored in the history of spiritual practice…these modes also have an ‘inner aspect’.
  • By upholding a peer principle, practicing radical mutual care, and by paying heed to the spirit of the between we begin the practice of liberating human-divine relations and thus a new chapter in our spiritual evolution opens up.
  • It is an immediate, dynamic, and open-ended spirituality incorporating the spirit of the beyond (transcendental awareness) the spirit within (the immanent embodied person) and the spirit of the between (the relational/situational dynamic). It is in time, space and in this place where spiritual events emerge between persons (if we care to attune to them).


Four-day Seven Relationship Training

This workshop is also a primer for a four-day Relational Spirituality Event: Seven Relationships Training which will take place in Byron-shire late October or Early November 2013.


Problems with ‘inner experience’ spirituality

  • Many groups in the contemporary spiritual market-place put great emphasis on inner experience spirituality and the notion of higher consciousness
  • The emphasis on inner and higher in spiritual schools and practices can create subtly narcissistic and dissociated modes of presence that all but ignore the interpersonal domain
  • Thus, inner experience spirituality tends to value vertical up-and-out mysticism over horizontal interpersonal ethics and true interpersonal liberation
  • Inner experience spirituality tends toward a subtly oppressive construct of One Truth rather than many situated truths
  • Inner, higher and One-Truth-ism combined – structure a narcissistic mode of being
  • Spiritual narcissism is subtly absorbed through religious groups and cultures – we are not talking about the kind of narcissism associated with personality. To some degree it accompanies the spread of global New Age religion – in this sense it is somewhat everyday and most of us have it in some form (see Lahood’s article: Relational Spirituality Part 1 & Relational Spirituality Part 2)
  • While this kind of spirituality had a value it tends to downplay interpersonal spirituality and the person’s human needs – our evolution is calling for a more relational consciousness


About Dr G.A Lahood

Five broad therapeutic, philosophical and spiritual universes are integrated in Dr G’s work: transpersonal psychology; social anthropology; collaborative inquiry; gestalt therapy. The cosmological ground of G’s relational spirituality has a deep resonance with Sufi mysticism and Persian Angelology which is drawn from his own experience with the Prophetic muse. (see Lahood’s article: In the Footsteps of The Prophets 2013). Relational spirituality is an ancient wisdom with an up-to-date peer practice.


Dr G is also open to one-on-one integrative psychotherapy, spiritual mentoring, charismatic training or personalized co-inquiry.

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