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Individual Psychotherapy & Charismatic Training


Dr G. A. Lahood


Private Co-inquiry
Charismatic Coaching
Focused Release Bodywork

Lahood, G.

PhD (psychological anthropology); MGT (master of gestalt therapy)
BA Hrs. (social anthropology); Grad Dip Psyche (psychotherapy)

Dr G has trained or participated at depth in the following creative therapies: Primary Theatre; Ritual process; Boal Theatre; Deep Impact Ritual; Continuum Movement; Drama therapy; Holotropic Breathwork; Transpersonal Breathwork; Primal Integration; Primal therapy; Transpersonal psychology; Shamanistic practices; Psychedelic Therapy & Medicine work; Dream-work; Psychodynamic Therapy; Advanced co-counselling; Art Therapy; Gestalt therapy; Psychodrama; Sociometry ; Action methods; Eriksonian hypnosis; Neuro Linguistic Programming; Provocative Therapy; Group therapy; Encounter group therapy; Community building groups; Tavistock Groups; Gestalt group work; Action research; Collaborative inquiry; Relational co-inquiry.

Private Sessions, Supervision & Consultations for Individuals, Couples, and Trainees.
Inquiries for health, wellness and flourishing.

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