Exploration of the Seven Valleys of Relational Awareness

Sacred Science of the Heart of Matter

Seek the Nectar!

Sep 282012

The Art and Science of Collaboration & Inquiry
5 days

This skills based collaboration training event will give the participant full immersion in the science and language of the participatory world-view and the health-making power of transformational research. The group’s focus will be on achieving optimum wellness together through the art of elegant and ethical, face to face, human relating. Collaboration is working with attention, action and reflection which over-time develops a collaborative mind and co-creative intelligence. The first step is to develop our critical subjectivity a mindful, reframing, reflective and self-reflexive awareness similar, in part, to Buddhist meditation. Dr Lahood brings his many years of work with human potential focusing on the recognition of states of being, radical attunement to self and other, open attention to the ‘between’, deep listening practice, empathetic communion with all that is.

The promise of this training is that you cannot imagine the knowledge and liberation you will gain from this work.