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Charismatic Co-inquiry Training

Charismatic Co-inquiry Training involves 3 workshops Foundation, Advanced & Mastering the Art.
Each workshop is 5 days, a full immersion in the culture of co-creation.

Sep 282012

The Art and Science of Collaboration & Inquiry
5 days

This skills based collaboration training event will give the participant full immersion in the science and language of the participatory world-view and the health-making power of transformational research. The group’s focus will be on achieving optimum wellness together through the art of elegant and ethical, face to face, human relating. Collaboration is working with attention, action and reflection which over-time develops a collaborative mind and co-creative intelligence. The first step is to develop our critical subjectivity a mindful, reframing, reflective and self-reflexive awareness similar, in part, to Buddhist meditation. Dr Lahood brings his many years of work with human potential focusing on the recognition of states of being, radical attunement to self and other, open attention to the ‘between’, deep listening practice, empathetic communion with all that is.

The promise of this training is that you cannot imagine the knowledge and liberation you will gain from this work.

Sep 282012

The Magic and Beauty of Collaborative-Inquiry

5 days

The advanced training is a relational co-inquiry into the ‘between’ practiced against a backdrop of revisioned transpersonal theory and practice. First we will define what it is to be a whole person – what is the nature of the anthropos: or the potential human being. Next we place the person in a relational cosmos by working with a map or model of inclusive spiritual states, drawn, in part, from the world’s ancient wisdom traditions. However, our focus will be on coming into being, here now in this place, as embodied charismatic persons. This group will include an element of charismatic training, risk-taking and experimentation. Dr Lahood brings more than 30 years of transpersonal research, participatory inquiry, anthropology and therapeutic presence to this retreat. His gentle, empowering and humorous approach to the work allows the spirits of magic and beauty to tangibly emerge in the ‘between’.

The promise of this work is that participants will come to co-create a new kind of democratic spiritual freedom.

Sep 282012

The Wellness and Wisdom of Collaborative Inquiry in Concert

5 days

This is a full-blown collaboration training event with all participants taking ownership of themselves as technicians of the method; co-designing, planning, executing action and reflection. Charisma as we define it is a person’s ‘available light’, drawn from deep wellsprings of loving and openness, spontaneity and creativity. This kind of charisma is free of narcissistic distortions and authoritarian patterns – it is shared and co-created by the group as it designs rituals that cooperate with dis-inhibiting the ground of being. Here the initiating facilitator joins the group as a full peer participant occasionally taking to role of a supervisor or consultant.

The promise of charismatic encounter is that it offers participants an opportunity to meet out beyond the breakers of the distressed ego and row the inquiry boat into uncharted waters of delight, revelation, and splendid action.