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Eros – Deep Impact Breathing Ritual

  August 30 – Sept. 1, 2013 – Blue Moutains

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Charismatic, Beautiful, Healing,
Transpersonal, Shamanic, Tantric, Yogic,
Organic, Orgasmic, ‘Psychedelic’ de-armouring

with Dr G Lahood

Phone Ian: 0426 505449 or email

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Deep Impact Breath-work aims at the deepest possible healing, psychic cleansing and spiritual opening. It combines the strengths of Stan Grof’s psychedelic/holotropic approach with relational encounter, gestalt therapy and charismatic training.

Participants pair up and take it in turns to breath accompanied by sacred and evocative music. The breathing and music acts like an internal radar that slowly brings deep unconscious tensions from any level of the human psyche to the surface. A vast array of psycho-spiritual events from an extended vision of human psyche are thus made available for integration. They often circle around the three great biological-social-psychological peak events of birth, death and sex – in all cultures these three peaks are where rituals of healing and initiation take place.

The Deep impact breath-work ritual can be used as a tool to ground or further psychedelic exploration, spiritual or yogic integration, or as a standalone shamanic healing method. It is a tool for doing deep somatic therapy with clients, recovery from abuse and oppression of all kinds.

Most of all it can organically interrupt and heal the place where we were most wounded and recover a deeper relationship with Spirit, Soul and Source.

“Ultimately I have a Tantric view of my work—in that I believe our everyday narcissistic strategies hide our Charisma, Radiance, Eros and Beauty.”
G Lahood

Dr G Lahood is a master breath-work group facilitator, a refined, theatrical, sensitively attuned transpersonal teacher and healer who brings a wealth of experience, learnable skills and a charismatic relational presence. He holds people in a unique healing process. Participants will recover profound depths of Eros (life loving energies) sealed off in the process of incarnation.

The weekend retreat facilitated by G and helpers was beautifully held and powerfully healing for many in the group. The sense of community felt over the weekend, but especially after the breathing, was for me personally very moving and inspiring.

The weekend with Dr G & Co’ was a beautifully intelligent and thorough work-shop/ sharing with results that I will be forever grateful. Thank You for that.

An intimate, unassuming space of liberation and true, untamed freedom of expression. Thanks again.

The breath work weekend was one of the most profound healing experiences of my life and was wonderfully facilitated and supported by G and co. I felt completely comfortable to go deeply into the healing journey and trust the process of release.

Thanks again for holding space for so much expansion. It was as a sitter I was really given the opportunity to witness your deep compassion, strengths and gentleness – all of which I have so much appreciation for. My armour has melted, and my form has a fuzziness… such a special group and such an intimate co-creative space.

Dr Lahood holds several degrees in anthropology and psychotherapy and has given healing workshops and retreats up to 14 days long for 25 years. He has researched ritual healing in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand, contemporary childbirth ritual and Persian mysticism. G has been part of several ongoing cooperative inquires into charismatic health, sex-positive community living, Eros and wellness. G has also conducted healing breath-work for women recovering from childbirth, developed relational spirituality and the psychology of Angel consciousness in various transpersonal journals.

Site: Blue Mountains – Karuna retreat centre
Bring food to share
Approx. $300 per person

Friday evening: Greeting
Saturday: breath-work till late
Sunday: Integration circle finish around 3-4

Call Ian: mob. 0426 505449 or email

Follow the Facebook event for the latest information.