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Training in Collaboration Skills
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We define Collaboration as working together — with awareness — to enhance human relations. Our basic human need for collaboration (harmonious living) be it at love, work or play is both ancient and contemporary — yet few of us have been taught how.

Our collaborative training consists three carefully structured group events that immerse the participant in the culture of collaboration so as to develop co-creative intelligence. Here she or he learns the core skills in a collaborative inquiry process which are then applied in everyday life. True collaboration can be seen as a beautiful practice, like Zen Buddhism, yoga or Aikido it is a method and training toward a new way of being, knowing and doing. Collaboration is relational and requires support both external and internal to achieve excellence – we pride ourselves on offering loving, empathetic, compassionate and authentic transformational learning environment where risk-taking, respectful dialogue and radical honesty can be explored as part of what it means to be truly collaborate.

Communicative competence is a big part of collaboration, however, a deeper listening to the self is required and learning the art and science of co-creation develops many sensitivities and skills: the ability to be visible; to recognize needs preferences and desires; to contact the other; to listen deeply to the other; to participate in conjoint decision-making; to think for self, other and the group; to become emotionally intelligent; to recognise subtle shifts in the collective feeling climate; to give and receive elegant, creative and corrective feedback are all part of our training. To become collaborative is to become relational which often means unlearning, unfreezing patterns, so as to become radically reflexive in the sense of being able to show ourselves to ourselves and others.

The peer principle operating in the inquiry group has a way of bringing the issue of power to the fore. Few of us have been taught how to really share power – if anything we have been shown how to overpower others with our will and aggression or dis-empower ourselves out of fear. Competition, however is not collaboration and unaware or rigid power/competition/control patterns have a way of killing-off true relationality or making progress a struggle. The co-inquiry group will tease out how we are operating on our world in terms of power and give the participant a profound and liberating insight into this phenomenon. This also allows for a bit of gentle ego-revisioning which then allows for self and other to flourish, indeed flourishing for all is our primary desire and motivation.

Our personal and interpersonal development, our communities’ betterment, our ecological thriving, our species evolution, and our emerging global civilization will depend, not on individualism, will-power and competitiveness, but on deep empathetic collaboration.